schofieldr-00115x7shpI am delighted to welcome you to the King’s Group Academies (KGA) website.

King’s Group, who are sponsoring KGA, have been delivering outstanding British Education for almost fifty years with a total focus on academic excellence and achievement far beyond expectations.  Starting and operating six schools they understand the complexities and challenges that this presents. They are now very excited about starting and operating a small number of state schools based on the same winning formula.

To help me as Chief Executive, King’s Group have assembled a dynamic, powerful and highly experienced team of education experts, several of whom were outstanding Headteachers in their own right with experience of setting up new local authority schools.  We also have an excellent quality assurance team to monitor every step.

As the new Chief Executive of a new Multi Academy Trust I know only too well how much work is involved in opening new schools, or working with good existing schools.

I am excited about the unique proposal that King’s Group Academies brings to the UK education market, linking private schools with state education and striving to achieve the absolute best for our students within a global context.

We offer:

  • Outstanding parental and community engagement with a genuine understanding of how this enhances outcomes for all our students – we have years of experience of putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.
  • Whilst others talk about global connectivity – we live it! This represents a great deal more than connecting our schools around the world with English academies. It represents our ability to afford our students the opportunity to become part of a an international community with alumni in global industries willing to share their expertise, experience and contacts with all our students.
  • Our students are globally connected, understand both the English and international context and have access to the boardrooms of the best global businesses.
  • We believe that the attributes of the entrepreneur are the underpinning skills necessary to quickly make an impact in any employment situation. Our focus on these 21st century skills gives our students a cutting edge when seeking employment – our students are more employable and work ready and successful.
  • As a part of our core we offer an extended curriculum ensuring our students gain a genuinely broad education that is fun and enjoyable, whilst developing their team work and resilience – our students become genuinely rounded individuals, capable of being adaptable and versatile.
  • The King’s Group has developed a highly regarded brand. We have students in all the Russell Group universities and their global competitors.  Our brand unlocks doors for our students – we give our students access to the best.

I very much hope that you will want to hear more about King’s Group Academies – please do not hesitate to contact me for a personal conversation.


Richard Schofield

Chief Executive Officer

King’s Group Academies