_DSC5403The King’s Group became an Academy sponsor in 2014 and established King’s Group Academies, a ‘multi academy trust’ with a vision and passion for providing opportunities and success on a global stage for all our students.  We are delighted to have been granted permission from the Department for Education in London to sponsor Academies and Free Schools in England.

The King’s Group is recognised around the world for having been involved in the provision of the highest quality British education for almost fifty years.

Since 1969 the schools that make up King’s Group have been providing a rigorous and broad British education to young people from all over the world.

All our schools, which are not selective, deliver the English National Curriculum to students who go on to take IGCSE and A Level exams. All our students go to university in the UK, Spain or the USA.

Inspections have classed all King’s Group Schools as ‘excellent’.


“This agreement with the Department for Education demonstrates the high level of trust that the UK government has in King’s Group and is a testament to the outstanding work already being done in the seven existing King’s College schools.”

Sir Roger Fry, Founder of King’s Group