Our mission is to provide high quality education within a small community of outstanding schools in the UK, that will deliver a transformative learning experience to all our students within the context of a global community of schools. King’s Group Academies has at its core the pursuit of the very highest standards both inside the classroom and beyond it. We believe all students can exceed their expectations no matter what their prior attainment and experiences. In a King’s Group Academy no student will be labelled, we will treat them all as intelligent individuals. Through our ethos, our extended curriculum, our entrepreneurial approach and international dimension we will ensure students develop into confident, rounded individuals, equipped for life in an ever changing world.
Sir Roger Fry

Why is the King’s Group interested in sponsoring Academies in the UK?

Sir Roger Fry, Chairman of the King’s Group was born and brought up in Portsmouth and attended the local schools.  He started his teaching career in a secondary modern school in Portsmouth before moving abroad. Having established the highly successful King’s Group of Schools  he has always  wanted to give something back to the UK state education system. His ambition to establish King’s Group Academies is purely philanthropic.

Sir Roger Fry CBE DLitt

Chairman and Founder, King’s Group

December 2013


Our vision is to be at the forefront of British education internationally.  In all King’s Group Academies we will aim to:

1) Create a culture of high aspiration, motivation and achievement for all

2) Build a strong community based on fairness and personal responsibility

3) Welcome, value and respect all who come into the Academy

4) Be reflective and committed to our ongoing development as teachers and leaders, in our continuous striving for excellence

5) Promote positive dialogue and partnerships within the communities we serve

6) Provide an innovative and challenging curriculum that will motivate our students to achieve beyond expectations

7) Appoint teachers who are passionate about their subject, energised by learning and capable of delivering outstanding teaching

8) Ensure our global connectivity is the ‘golden thread’ that runs through all our academies.

Key Strategies to Support Our Aims

We will achieve our goals by:

  • Delivering a curriculum which is supported by evidence-based research and best-practice from the most successful schools in the UK and abroad.
  • Encouraging our students to lead healthy lifestyles through diet, exercise and sport.
  • Educating our students to be good citizens with values based on traditional ethics.
  • Promoting excellence in our academies by employing teaching professionals who are passionate, knowledgeable and highly skilled in their field.
  • Investing in our staff through effective professional development, training, career planning and talent management.
  • Ensuring effective governance and management of our academies.
  • Supporting and actively contributing to our local and wider communities
  • Recognising and celebrating effort, achievement and excellence.

Values and Beliefs

The Values and Beliefs of King’s Group Academies underpin everything we do. They create an environment that helps our people, our students and their parents understand what we stand for and how we treat the communities we serve.

Our Values and Beliefs help us make sense of our working life and how we fit into the big picture.

Honesty, Faith and Courage

  • We value the contributions of all our stakeholders to school life.
  • We believe in professional leadership.
  • We value dedication and commitment.
  • Our educational principles are founded upon traditional values, fostering self-confidence, tolerance and a sense of responsibility.
  • We believe all our students are entitled to a high-quality education, grounded in sensitivity to individual dignity, and a positive and nurturing environment.
  • We promote outstanding teaching and learning.
  • We recognise and celebrate academic excellence and achievement.
  • We ensure that high quality education is based on a collaborative approach to teaching.
  • We believe that innovation in teaching and learning should be informed by research and effective practice.
  • We understand how technology can be used to improve the quality of teaching and learning.
  • We contribute to the lifelong education of individuals.